Academic writing involves extensive library research on school tasks and projects which include literature review, abstracts, essays and term papers.To deal with homework, essays and dissertation you must set time to deal with the task adequately. You must address the questions or objectives set by your tutors. Academic writing must be clear, use ideas from books and then develop coherence Ideas. Use paragraph and show logical connections of ideas to answer research questions.

Steps in Academic writing processes includes,

  • Analyzing the task. These involves clarifying the purposes of your writing and also know your audience
  • Plan your argument. These involves, developing main claim and how you will support your main claim
  • Research. To support your claim you must read books, articles to gather evidences to support you claim.
  • Drafting process. Writing is not a one time process, you make drafts, edit, proofread, check punctuation and flow of ideas. It is always advisable for students to ask help from peers.

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