American Psychological Association commonly abbreviated as APA is the writing style that is mostly used in writing both academic papers and assignments in social sciences. This writing style is revised from time to time and currently the most current edition is the six edition. For more details check

APA writing style provides guidelines on the format that your paper ought to follow, how to cite, quote, paraphrase and provide a list of references. The truth is that most students find it challenging to strictly follow this style and this is why they order for APA writing style assistance.

To cite your source automatically in APA 7th Edition click here  APA 7th Edition References and in-text citations

Why search  APA format assistance

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Key points to note on APA format

You should cite the text and also provide a list of the various references at the end of your work. The APA citation format requires that when citing the text, you must provide the name or the names of the authors and the year in which the material was published. Providing in-text citations in APA style show that you acknowledge that ideas expressed are not originally yours. If you have paraphrased the given text, you need not to provide a page number. If you use  direct quotation, it demands that you provide the page number of the original material where you got the quote.  Below are the three formats that your text citations should follow. In 2000, Kingdon argues that agenda setting is… or Kingdon (2000) argues that agenda setting or Agenda setting is… (Kingdon, 2000).

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