When seeking admission into a school, college or university you will often required to write a letter of recommendation.It means admission panel need more information about you meaning who you are and what you will be as a student. So, there is nothing to worry about

Can a friend write a letter of recommendation?

First thing is you can not write recommendation by yourself keep in mind that other people provide information about you in this letter.That’s why, you should know who to ask for a letter of recommendation.It can be your former teacher, supervisor, workmate or adviser who can write this letter. However, you can also get this from a friend who knows you well.

Should a recommendation be typed or hand written?

Letters of recommendation provide more information about you from someone who knows you well. However, they must understand the requirements or format of this letter.  The letter can take any form depending on the preferences of the person writing. While some people would type these letters other would prefer this as handwritten.Information present in letter is the most important thing.


Having a good letter of recommendation will provide important information about who you are including your skills and abilities. A good letter will get you an admission to school, college or university. Our company offers reference writing service so that you can give someone an excellence piece of work.Your reference will be shining and focused on the individual. Our experts will cover all the core areas of these letters including the strengths and abilities of the person.

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