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Francis Fukuyama and the End of History

Fukuyama explains on the end of history as the evolution which leads to a kind of civilization, what he terms as the last civilization that humankind will ever achieve, a civilization fit to human and the right one. To him liberal democracy is the last civilization that fits human nature as compared to communism which was undermined and rejected as a form of government.

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Cost-effective Academic Writing Services for Us

You have to satisfactorily complete your coursework as partial fulfillment of the requirements of a given academic award. It is therefore needless to state that whether you are pursuing your studies in the field of humanities, social sciences, arts, languages or even sciences then you will need to work on your coursework.

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MLA Writing Style and Text Citation

Modern Language Association writing style or what is popularly known as MLA style is the most preferred writing style in liberal arts and humanities. Just like APA, this style of writing is revised from time to time and the current version is the eighth edition. Specifically, this style guides students in citing their work, formatting it, quoting and most importantly in creating a list of works cited. Would you like to get assistance with formatting your paper using MLA style? If affirmative, then you need to order for our MLA writing style assistance.

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APA Writing Style and Citation Format

American Psychological Association commonly abbreviated as APA is the writing style that is mostly used in writing both academic papers and assignments in social sciences. This writing style is revised from time to time and currently the most current edition is the...

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