for safe transfer of files

Wondering how to safely send files online? Try allows users to link up with other people in an easy and exciting way. QM offers marketing solutions to you and your products. In addition, the platform also allows you to send and receive files instantly. Unlike other platforms such as Sendspace where you have to download the app in addition to your registration, all you need at is your registration and you are free to use the platform.

Many of you may want to send files or photos that too large to be send as an email attachment. For excellent send speeds are available. In addition, you can still access your file or photo up to a maximum of 30 days after which the file is automatically deleted by the system.

Querilla marketing is safe and reliable for sending and receiving file online. For users, you get the chance to send and receive file in a click

  • Over 20 file types allowed
  • Support files to a maximum size of 300 mbs
  • Everything about Querilla marketing is free; free registration, free uploads and free downloads
  • Easier sending and receiving of files

So far, this is the best tool for sending and receiving any type of file online. The platform has supported many people and is growing to be the next big thing. It is clear that is the new tool or platform online. At the safety of your file is guaranteed. Do Not Wait, Try now.